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My sister, Joy, told me that our daddy said, "I never got a handle on Ardie." (Ardie is my nickname, but in my adult years I have come to terms with Ardys.)
I know exactly how my dad felt, though no doubt for different reasons. As I applied for a career guiding grant some years back, I truly didn't know whether to apply for visual arts or music advice. My time seems always to have been divided equally.
As an artist I first critiqued a drawing in second grade. In third grade my teacher gave me a water color she had painted, saying she knew I would appreciate it. During that time, according to my Bluebird leader I was banging on a tin chanting, "I'm Ardie the artist." The boys in fifth grade had me drawing their airplanes. My first portrait of acclaim was produced at twelve.
As an artist I've done flat works in practically every medium, and three dimensional works from gold and silver through walk-in party spaces in steel. Probably the majority of these works have been done as commissions.
Musically I sing original material and old jazz and pop and folk styles. I've been in duos and trios and bands, but now I mostly perform solo with my baritone ukulele and harmonicas.
I settled in Lawrence, Kansas, very near the Kaw river, which has always held a predominant spot in my life. This fine burg has afforded me many an opportunity to present my creative impulses, which I am so grateful to still have the opportunity to pursue. My community has supported me with heart, and I will return the favor for as long as I am able.
Thank you for your interest in my life. I hope you are finding as much joy in your time on our planet as I am!
Love, Ardys


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photo by Jon Blumb